Emily Wierenga

My signature is a simple 'e'. This reflects the simplicity, beauty, and vibrancy I strive for in all of my works. In 2003 I developed a unique style drawing on the raw power conveyed by simple lines, geometric forms, and vivid colours.

I have been painting for the past six years and have been creating art since I was old enough to grasp a pencil. I've experimented with various mediums - charcoal, acrylic, pastel, and pencil, but have found oil to recreate best the emotion and human experience I wish to convey through my work.

I have learned much from Picasso; his works, his life and his philosophies on art. Like Picasso, I take reality and make it "true-er to itself" by abstracting its essential forms. I differ from my mentor by emphasizing themes of hope and peace, extracting light even amidst darkness. When someone gazes at my paintings, I want their souls to move and their eyes to find rest in the beauty of the lines and colours. I believe that art is an emotive, cathartic experience, which is why I regularly teach art to local teenagers as a way for them to find healing and an outlet for their pain.

My works have been displayed at King's University College in Edmonton, Alberta from January to April of 2007. This show, entitled "Bold Faces," then moved to Victoria, BC for the summer months. In May of 2008, they appeared on national television through 100 Huntley Street. The following month, my paintings were on display at Wellesley's "Art Round the Pond," and in the fall they were shown in Waterloo, Ontario. Currently my pieces are being shown at the Thames Valley Family Health Clinic in London.

The pieces displayed here are only a sampling of my artistic endeavors, and I am delighted to undertake commissioned pieces, working with themes like family, nature, love, and faith. I also do prints and gift certificates. My artistic ambition is to encourage and enlighten -- to bring hope into a dark world -- through these "Bold Faces." (www.canvaschild.com