Cydney Mariel Galbraith - Silk Fabric Artist

Meet Cydney Mariel Galbraith. Some may call her an "extremist". But... she just calls herself one who is on a passionate pursuit. "For the proof of your desire is in your pursuit". She is a former three time Canadian National Champion cyclist and national Team member where she used to travel and compete for Canada at the World level.  She is a trained, florist and sommelier by trade. Her passion and spiritual hunger for kingdom hospitality and the creative arts overflowed into  prophetic fashion design in 2011. Cydney came up her "The Kingdom Couture" fashion because she got tired of seeing all the confusing stuff people were wearing: the transient messages expressed.  She just got tired of wearing someone else’s name. Nothing made sense. You should be wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you.  Fashion without any culture is just clothes. She has a vision for a Kings domain couture line that will simply LOVE OUT LOUD. 

She created: Loves Pure Light from the foundation scripture "For with you is the fountain of life. In your light I see light."

All of Cydney's garments are 100% pure silk. The originals have been hand painted with special dyes and have  a promise in each garment.  They are then reproduced by an amazing team of World changers in South East Asia.

Experience the beauty of pure love wearing Loves Pure Light silk garments.